Correção Trabalho de Inglês


1-)Underline the correct tag questions.

a-)They are going to work, aren’t they?
b-)Bob arrived late, didn’t he?
c-)The boys had gone to school, hadn’t they?
d-)They weren’t hungry, were they?
e-)The girls can talk to you, can’t they?

2-)The underlined tag questions are incorrect. Write the correct ones.
Example:They used to read a lot, don’t they?
a-)The girl couldn’t help you, could she?
b-)Rita and Laura won’t have to leave, will they?
c-)I was late, wasn’t I?
d-)We had a good time, hadn’t we?
e-)You don’t travel a lot, do you?
f-)I am very lazy, aren’t I?
g-)They play the piano, don’t they?
h-)Your mother can’t drive, can she?

3-)Complete the questions with the correct tag questions.
Example:The fireman broke the door down, didn’t they?
a-)It might rain, mightn't it?
b-)You could have arrived earlier, couldn’t you?
c-)He hates spinach, dowsn't he?
d-)Stop talking, will you?
e-)It would be difficult to refuse the invitation, wouldn’t it?
f-)You have brought some chairs to sition, haven’t you?
g-)You will be happy to get that job, won’t you?
h-)They should have helped me, should’t they?
i-)There were a lot of people at the party, weren’t there?
j-)They seldom arrive late, don’t they?
k-)The wind is very strong, isn’t it?
l-)Let’s have a party, haven't we?
m-)You’re coming to the party, aren’t you?
n-)He never goes to the beach, does he?
o-)He must play tennis very well, doesn't he?
p-)There aren’t any students here, are there?
q-)They will lose the game, won't they?
r-)He is a nice guy, isn’t he?
s-)Close the window, will you?
t-)The weather was great, wasn’t it?

u-)It is nearly 10 o`clock, isn’t it?

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